Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Review

Greetings to everyone, another weekend has come and sadly gone, it'll be a late night once more editing and writing more for Shadow Wolves Tears of Blood. Throughout Shadow Wolves Youthful Inexperience you got to meet the trio and see what drove them into the darkness and what it takes to pull them back out before they dig themselves in too deep into the world of evil temptations. Now with Shadow Wolves Tears of Blood it's going to be an all out war. Times have changed and soon you'll get to experience just how bad things have become since you last read about Josh, James, and Justin beginning to finally figure out life. Not only will you meet some new characters but this is also the start of spinning things away from the trio after the next book and introduce both the main characters for Shadow Wolves Regenesis-a work in progress at this point, but you'll also get introduced to the main character for my next series G.C. Don't forget there's still the code in Shadow Wolves Youthful Inexperience that no one has broken yet and to see the rules for this contest for the first three books please visit my Face Book page under the "About Me" section. Good luck and enjoy reading about the wolves.