Sunday, December 6, 2015

My fellow independent authors, PA's, & upcoming authors

Often we're asked what inspires us to write or what creates that passion to sit in front of our screens and write the stories we publish for readers. Well now let's connect and communicate and bring our collective thoughts together. Some of us are experienced veterans of this game while some of us are newbies trying to find our niche and readers. Something I believe as an indie community is that we must stick together and help bring in readers to each others' genres along with advice if things we haven't thought of yet or afraid to ask or risk to try as well. So here are some things I believe we can share to make things better and create a higher success rate for more indies and begin to bring out the better authors in all of us.

1. What inspired you to begin writing?
2. Do your characters speak to you or do you speak for them?
3. What is your favorite genre to create?
4. Do any of you veteran writers believe in taking a green writer (newbie) under your wing and bring out their skills.
5. How you find the expenses to pay for professional editing or cover art?
6. How do you deal with low star reviews?
7. Do you place any aspects of your life/yourself into your work?
8. How do you connect to your readers when advertising your work on FB/Twitter/Etc.?
9. How do you figure out how many books go into your series?
10. How open are you to say once a week sharing a different genre or author on your page to expose them to new readers?
BONUS: If you could compare your writing to a current published author who might that be? (I'll pre answer this one for myself-I would say I'm kind of like Nicholas Sparks, I love writing about the South with a darker twist but bring out my characters to draw in my readers to connect to their back stories.)

Other than that please be respectful, open, and honest with additional comments after the questions please be welcoming to all comments and suggestions. We are here for each other as a community, not compeition let the professionals do that, we need each other to climb to that next platform.